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 Signature Request

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PostSubject: Signature Request   Sat Aug 29, 2009 2:44 pm

Post a comment here if you would like a signature or avatar made for you by one of the forums many talented Artists.

Notes for Requests:
Please be as detailed as possible when requested a signature if you require that detail.

Also, unless specified otherwise, being friendly and crediting the creator of the artwork is just a jolly thing to do (if it is not on the art already) ^___^ !

Notes to Artists:
It would be helpful if direct links to the image were posted along with the image if possible for easy ammendments.

This thread is open to any artist of any level of experience – not just those whom have already proved themselves.

Please refrain from Flaming here and although the complementing of artist works is welcome, Spamming isn’t, so keep it constructive ^__^

This will be updated should others also volenteer.


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Signature Request
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