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 Insane Asylum

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Ketsueki No Aruji
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PostSubject: Insane Asylum   Thu Aug 05, 2010 4:11 am

This game is a combination of all forum games. In here you can do: This or That?, 1-10 game, He Said:She:Said, Tpbm, ^ above me, etc, etc.... For example: One person would post chocolate sauce or whipped cream?...and the next person would post Tpbm likes monkeys, and the next person would post He Said:I like bananas,.....It's a game of whatever you wanna say?....Insanity

The Rules are very Simple:it doesn't have to make sense at all, Just say what ever your going to say as if you were playing in one of the Forum Game Threads, your question can be whatever, your response can be whatever.That's why I decided to call it the Insimadult Insane Asylum.... And please remember this is not a debate thread, and there is no room for flaming here..So now that's out of the way.....let the madness begin...

Of course...I'll start first........Tpbm likes waterbeds on highways

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PostSubject: Re: Insane Asylum   Mon Aug 09, 2010 4:40 am



♦️ §K8 ØЯ ĐlЭ ♦️

"But you're the type to protect your friends, right?
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Insane Asylum
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